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Membership Benefits

  1. Listing Placement

    It is a credit to any vendor to be listed on this website. No one pays extra to gain better listing locations as a Platinum, or Gold member; Listings are placed on a first come first serve basis. As the website makes changes listing locations may improve as a result. The Featured vendors are selected by a committee when changes are made.

  2. Online Exposure Visibility

    Your membership provides you with great online exposure as a Top Wedding Vendor in Greater Kansas City. Working with a team of website professionals, we are always working hard to move the TTK listing up in Google. You may as well see your own site listed higher as a result of your listing with TTK.

  3. Bridal Fair Opportunities - Low cost or FREE

    Free or shared cost of booths space for any bridal fair Sponsored by Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style.

  4. Privileged Membership

    Tie The Knot only accepts quality candidates, therefore when the wedding couples view the list of vendors they can be assured that they are working with the best professionals – making it easier for the couple to make a decision on who they may choose to use. A full screening and qualification process is undertaken before a candidate is accepted into our KC Vendors listing directory.

  5. Search Engine Advantage with Tie The Knot Kansas City Style

    Adding a reciprocal on your website link back to Tie The Knot Kansas City Style will increase your search engine optimization by use of our back links already in place. This can help your business website listing in Google as well as other search engines.