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Membership Qualifications

  1. You must present professional quality work, or service, and show good customer service skills. You must have been in business with personal experience of your trade for no less than two years.
  2. Applicants presenting sub-professional-standard portfolios will be kindly rejected.
  3. You must own your wedding Vendor business URL. Your website must operate properly at all times, and you conduct your business in the United States.
  4. Your wedding vendor website presents a rich collection of wedding photos to illustrate your portfolio or service and past experience.
  5. You own exclusive rights to the wedding photos posted on your site, and they are high web quality for us to review your business.
  6. Your website home page does not redirect to any external URLs.
  7. Your website does not participate in any SPAM practices, and contains no affiliate advertising and banner ads.
  8. Your website meets the industry professional standard, and is exclusively dedicated to you, and purely focused on wedding professionals and related services.
  9. Your website contains easy-to-find contact information via both email (or contact form), and business phone number.
  10. If you don’t have a website, please provide proper contact information, email, business phone, address to be posted on the site with your business name and icon.
  11. Tie The Knot reserves the right to remove any vendor at any time without notice if any negative media postings or complaints about the vendor occur.

Open to all wedding vendors, Tie The Knot, Wedding Vendor Directory of Kansas City is the world’s First “Top Kansas City’s Wedding Professional” privileged professional wedding Vendor directory dedicated to represent Wedding Professionals in the highest standards, and provides equal listing exposure opportunities for all. Members who create links to the TTK website from their own websites will receive up to two months free.