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Nerium Intl. Age Defying Skin Treatment

(913) 485-9126

Look Better. Live Better. NeriumAD, age-defying treatment, is both unique and exclusive. An accidental discovery; NeriumAD is one product that addresses multiple issues: fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, discoloration and aging skin. Many products go to market with 2-7% change, NeriumAD averaged a 30% change in 30 days. Take a look at our Real Results Gallery at http://www.90daygallery.com/

NeriumAD is safe, simple, for any skin type and men love it too.

This creates an incredible opportunity to earn free product, an ipad2, a Lexus, trips and extra income. In 2012, which was Nerium's first year in business, total sales were $100,000,000.

This was with ONE product and ONE country, which has never been done before in the Relationship Marketing Industry.

April 2013 Nerium made the Top 100 Global Companies List by the Direct Selling Association. We are breaking records and have global exclusive rights.

Contact me If you want more information on the product, the business, or both.


SHANNON FORD, Mrs. United States 2011

Are your cosmetics gluten-free and if so, does that affect your sponsorship opportunities?

This was one of the last things I changed when going gluten free. I never broke out, so didn't think it made a difference, but when I did make the switch, I saw an improvement in my overall health. We often forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body and anything we put on it is absorbed. It does not affect my sponsorship opportunities, but whenever I am having my make-up done for an event, I usually bring my own make-up and brushes.

What is your favorite beauty product?
My favorite product has to be Nerium AD Night Cream. It is not only Gluten Free, but Paraben Free as well. I am currently 36 years old, and if I don't look it, it is because of Nerium AD. In fact, I love the product so much I decided to become a Brand Partner. The stuff is magic in a bottle!

For more information on NeriumAD. Gluten Free and Paraben Free,

Contact: Janae Wiltse

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