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Six Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A lot of planning goes into creating the wedding of your dreams. A large part of your budget and time will be dedicated to your wedding reception. The menu, entertainment, decorations and wedding favors you choose are all important parts of your big day.

Wedding centerpieces can play a large part in helping to set the theme and tone of your reception. You want your wedding to be memorable, and the centerpieces you choose can help set your wedding apart from all the others.

Wedding guests often times don’t notice or remember the small details of weddings. However, one of the few things that guests often remember are the wedding centerpieces you choose. They will be looking at them for four or five hours during your reception, so why not do something unique and different?

Usually when most people think of wedding centerpieces the first thing that comes to mind is flowers. While most wedding centerpieces have at least some flowers in them, choosing a unique wedding centerpiece idea allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are six unique wedding centerpiece ideas:

  • Even if you do choose a flower-based centerpiece, you can still add some uniqueness to your reception tables by choosing unique vases or containers to hold the flowers. Ideas include square vases, vases with a design or color and even a unique shape like the Eiffel tower.
  • Simply adding things to your flower vases can make your centerpieces unique. For example, add color by adding a few drops of dye to match your wedding colors, or add pearls to the bottom of the vases.
  • Add other things like fruit, stones or candles to your flower wedding centerpieces. Fruit like lemons, limes and oranges are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Candles come in many shapes and sizes, and they can really help to set the mood of your reception.
  • Use your wedding theme for unique wedding centerpiece ideas. For example, in the fall add pumpkins, leaves or apples to your centerpiece to help finish off a fall-themed wedding. For a beach-themed wedding add items like shells and sand.
  • Combine your wedding centerpieces with your wedding favors. Have small potted plants in the center which can double as favors. Or, have frames with different photos in each displayed in the center of the table.
  • Cake wedding centerpieces can also be fun. Have small or mini individual wedding cakes in the center of each table as your centerpiece. Each table can have a uniquely decorated cake for your guests to enjoy.

Don't be afraid to use your creativity to come up with your own unique wedding centerpiece idea.

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Stephen Badiali of Wedding Ideas Guide

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