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All Inclusive Resorts May Not be What they Seem?

When you book an all-inclusive vacation you envision a getaway from everything - including worrying about money and how much meals or drinks are costing you. The reality? If you select the wrong resort, you may have bland food, limited drinks, restrictions on restaurants and/or frequency you can visit restaurants during your stay, substandard rooms and hidden costs.

The "all" in "all-inclusive" doesn't mean everything to some resort brands. Some only include basic activities, food and drinks - They charge extra for premium alcohol, specialty restaurants, use of your in-room safe, room service and more. Some will even restrict you how many pool towels you can check-out and require you to return them each day in exchange for your room key or you will be charged a fee for unreturned towels or lost card.

All-Inclusive vacations can be a much cheaper option than arranging lodging, and paying for your meals and drinks as you go, but you have to know what you are looking for or you may arrive and have extra fees that increases your "good deal" and original budget you allotted for.

When planning your vacation, you want to keep in mind what pieces are important to you and what you can do without. A low price might mean a low-end experience, or the deals are cheap for a reason - whether it's hurricane season, construction onsite or next door or even when the property is selling to a new management company. Be sure to know everything before you go so you receive the best experience for your money!

Most travel agents do not charge fees to book your reservations, so take advantage of a professional agent that specializes in these vacations. We can ensure your expectations are met, help you plan and make sure you are aware of any restrictions or fees. No need to shell out that kind of dough and be disappointed.

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