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Broadway Theme Wedding And Hollywood Wedding Theme Are Not The Same

by Nily Glaser

We at a-weddingday.com received quite a few requests for ideas regarding both, Broadway and Hollywood theme weddings. So, we donned our thinking caps, did some research and came up with ideas that our visitors told us were quite helpful.


Colors: White, Black, Deep Red, Gold and Silver.

Special Effects: Capture the Hollywood glitz and glimmer with a shining star!

Wedding Accessories for the Hollywood theme: Have your wedding accessories collection, that is your ring pillow, bridal purse, flower basket, guest book, pen set and garter, each embellished with a shimmering Swarovski crystal studded star.

Wedding Accessories for the Broadway theme: Have your wedding accessories collection, that is your ring pillow, bridal purse, flower basket, guest book, pen set and garter, each embellished with a treble clef, musical notes or a silver theater mask charm.


For Broadway wedding

Use the font named Broadway

make your invitations look like a play-bill For Hollywood, send Elegant Black and White or Black, White and Gold Invitations.

Another idea for Hollywood invitations and stationery is to incorporate developed Film and - or a Clapboard graphics.

For a touch of the whimsy, add Admit One Ticket for each invitee.


Roll out a red carpet for your walk down the aisle, instead of the traditional white aisle runner.

Have a gold or silver unity candles set.


Place a Marquee at the entrance to the reception area.

Put on your thinking cap. Movie studio production or stage inspired decor is a lot of fun.

For Hollywood wedding, decorate the tables and the reception hall with lots of glitz. Use black, white, gold, red and lots of glitter.

For Broadway be quite formal but use less glitter and gold.

Roll out a red carpet at the entrance to your reception location.

Decorate the reception hall with Broadway plays or movie posters props and backdrops.

Make your decor extraordinary with a Clapboard, movie Film Reels, movie Film Cans, Director's Megaphones, and Award Trophy replicas.

Have plenty of cameras and lights.

Place pictures of your favorite actors, stars, singers and entertainers throughout.

For Hollywood, use director's chairs at the main table.

Instead of numbers, name your tables after famous plays, movies, performers or actors and actresses.

Set your tables with elegant linens, china, crystal, flatware and serving pieces.

Select elegant flowers such as roses, calla lilies and orchids.

A Broadway street sign, a Walk of Fame Star, the famous Hollywood Sign and replicas of award trophies are but a few ideas for wonderful centerpieces. Graphics of these items are easy to incorporate and will look great when you 'Make Your Own Invitations and Wedding Stationery'.

Some others items to consider are:

  • Stars
  • Palm Trees (Hollywood)
  • Popcorn
  • Top Hats
  • Glamour confetti (Hollywood)
  • Silver/Gold/Black/Diamonds/Jewels (Hollywood)
  • Theaters/Marquees/Popcorn (Broadway)
  • Big Screen
  • Movies Cameras/Lights/Clapboard (Hollywood)
  • Movies/Films (Hollywood)
  • Red Velvet Curtains
  • Pictures of Movie stars/Celebrities

Ask your wedding photographers if they will agree to dress in slick clothes and play paparazzi for the day.

Your attendants may be willing to act as movie people running around. A Production Coordinator, A director, A Production Assistant, A Grip, A Beautician, A Caterer, an Actor - Actress, etc…


Use picture post cards from either Broadway or Hollywood or miniature movie Clapboard as Place cards.

Give favors that depict Broadway or Hollywood.

You'll find lots of ideas in souvenir shops at either location.

Examples of Guest favors:

Chocolates, mint tins, Broadway or Hollywood buttons, key chains, tee shirts or caps, decals, pens or pencils, tote bags, Broadway play souvenirs, replicas of tickets etc.


Option 1: Ask your guests to come dressed either as a famous actor/actress.

Option 2: Make your wedding an optional Black Tie event.

For the latter, recommend long formal gowns for the ladies and girls and Black Tie or Tuxedoes for the men.

In either case lots of shimmering jewelry is appropriate though not mandatory.


The stories of the bride and groom from birth to their big day, shown on the 'Big Screen'

Consider having a theater stage and hiring a local community or college actors group or a one man /woman show.


Play movie or stage-play tunes.

Set your buffet table with your most elegant linens, china, crystal, flatware and serving pieces.

Article Copyright © Nily Glaser, All Rights Reserved 2007

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