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How To Choose Wedding Photographers And Videographers

We recommend that if possible, both bride and groom will attend all interviews.

Choosing a photographer and finding a videographer for your wedding Day are as easy as asking friends, checking your local yellow pages or searching the Internet. In order to comparison shop and select wisely, interview at least 3 photographers and at least 3 videographers before you contract with any.

Always carry a note pad and pen to write down important information and questions that may arise during your interview.

Other than your date, location, officiant and attire, photography and videography are the most important aspect of your wedding. There are many ways to cut wedding costs, photography is NOT one of them. Hire the very best and most highly recommended photographer as his - her work will walk you down memory lane. What was preserved in pictures, will not only become a cherished keepsake, but will pass on to your heirs as a part of your family legacy. If you can not afford both, forgo the videographer but be sure to have the best photographer you can afford.


In addition to having a photographer, provide your guests with disposable cameras and ask them to take spontaneous pictures and leave the cameras on the table so you can have them developed. These pictures will be much less expensive than the photographers and supply you with enough pictures to send to your guests with their Thank You notes.

Before you meet with potential photographers and videographers, you should brainstorm. write down exactly what you want captured prior to and on your wedding day. As you do, make a list of all the photos, poses, people and events you want taken before the wedding, during the ceremony, at the reception and after the wedding so you can inform the photographer and videographer.

Since you'll be rather busy during your wedding, you may wish to appoint a person and explain clearly and exactly what you want captured. Armed with the knowledge of and a list of your specifications, the appointed person needs to insure that the photographer and videographer follow your instructions precisely.

Highly professional photographers and videographers are very busy. Start your search as early as possible, after you set the wedding date, secure the location(s) for your ceremony and reception and confirm the date with your officiant.

You'll need to follow the guidelines set by your wedding venue.

Choose your photographer and videographer very carefully. Check his/her portfolio to assure that s-he is going to deliver what you have in mind. Consider not only the quality of the pictures but also the creativity of the photographer and videographer. Your wedding photos are the memory of your special day and you do not want them to be dull.

You may consider having the photographer take your engagement and other pre-wedding photographs. This will benefit you because you'll see the quality of his or her work and you'll get to spend time with him or her and be able to decide if indeed s-he is right for you.

Things to Consider

  • Your budget—Budget enough so you do not risk capturing the memories of your wedding by cutting corners.
  • The style—Do you want all your pictures traditional, Photojournalistic or a mixture of both?*
  • The color—Do you want all your pictures black and white, color or some of each?
  • The equipment—Do you want all your pictures on 35mm, digital or both?
  • Your wedding theme—If you have one be sure to require that your photographer and videographer incorporate it with at lease a few pictures.
  • The mood and atmosphere—You want some pictures that will bring it out.
  • Special effects—Do you want the photographer to set up special effects?
  • Lighting—If you are having an out-doors wedding, the best lighting for photography is one to two hours before sunset. If your wedding is indoors, make sure that the lighting is not fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting will make your skin looking greenish.

Things That Your Photographer - Videographer Needs To Know As Soon As Possible

  • What style of photography - videography do you want?
  • How large is your wedding?
  • Will you have an indoor or an outdoor wedding?
  • What time of year?
  • What time of day?
  • How formal or informal?
  • Have you set your priorities?
  • Did you listed all the details your wedding photographer and or videographer needs to know?

You can probably come up with some more ideas.

*Traditional photography, album photography emphasizes posed snap shots. Photojournalism, like video, captures details of the wedding as they happen.

What you get are pictures that bring forth the emotions and feelings, the friendship, love, laughter, tears, joys and even glitches should there be any.

How To Find The Wedding Photographer And Videographer That Are Right For You

Once you have chosen the type of wedding site you want for your wedding, do the following:

  • Ask the director of your chosen wedding site for recommendations.
  • If you have a caterer, ask for recommendations.
  • Ask your family, friends and acquaintances for recommendations.
  • Attend bridal shows.
  • search the yellow pages under the appropriate category.
  • Call and request brochures specific to weddings.
  • Place the brochures in a folder until you are ready to choose a few favorites.
  • You want only the best! Be selective!
  • When calling, were you greeted cordially?
  • Were you able to obtain the information you requested in a timely manner?
  • Were the people you spoke with helpful? Too helpful and eager?
  • Now, check the Internet for local wedding photographers and videographers and go to their web sites.
    • Do you like the look and feel?
    • Does it provide you with the information you are looking for?
    • Can you find Free articles or Free information about wedding photography or videography on the web site? Are they helpful? or are they over selling? Did you find a clearly posted name, address, phone and email contact?
    • If not, skip it and go to other sites that interest you and are agreeable.

There are a few elements you need to pay attention to if you want your association with any service providers. You need to arrange an appointment at THEIR facility and check it out. Now, size up the following:

  • What was your first impression?
  • Are they a real company running a professional business full time?
  • Did they offer you their business card?
  • Did they offer you their portfolio and did you like their work?
  • Did they merit good references?
  • Can and are they willing to offer you what you want on your terms?
  • Will they guarantee that once you reserve their service, you will have the specific photographer and-or videographer you chose for your wedding?
  • Are you happy with the customer service you receive?
  • Are they courteous?
  • Are they accommodating?
  • are they helpful?
  • Did they offered clarification when you asked about anything you were unsure of?
  • Were they patient while you took notes?
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with them?
  • Information on hand, check out their reputation by contacting others in the wedding industry and asking about it.
  • If you are satisfied, keep the information until you are ready to choose and commit.

The tips, questions and ideas you gathered, actually provide you with wonderful preparation for your interviews.

What to Expect of the Contact Person

  • A business card of each person you will work with.
  • Contact information including cell phone, email and web site address.
  • A brochure that explains what is offered and any exclusions, rules, regulations and options.
  • References
  • Samples of their work.

Once you made your choice, you need to receive a written contract signed by the person in charge, and dated. The contract must include all of your responsibilities and all of the responsibilities, warranties and guarantees offered by the Dj - Music Service Provider. Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware! Read each contract very carefully, on, under and above the line. Be sure that you understand it fully and agree with all the terms. If you have questions, concerns, or are uncertain, contact them for clarification.

In most parts of the USA you have 3 days to examine the contract and if you need to, cancel with no penalties.

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