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Do you really even need a DJ at your Wedding?

iPod Playlist

Peace of mind is a key part of the Premier Sound of Kansas City experience. Knowing that your DJ is up to the task of adapting to the unexpected is priceless.

Are you still up in the air as to whether or not you really even need a DJ for your Wedding? It's not uncommon to think about other alternatives.

You've probably invested considerable time and money into planning your wedding, renting your venue, buying your dress, hiring a photographer, ordering food, and other details for your Wedding day.

It might seem like just another expense that you can't afford. But before thinking about hooking your Ipod up to your stereo and hitting shuffle, think about this. A recent survey conducted asked Brides what they would have done differently if they could go back and do their Wedding day over. An overwhelming majority said that they underestimated the importance of a good DJ.

Have you thought about who will help you to plan your reception? Will you be able to find an adequate sound system? What about microphones? Do you have the right music for your grand entrance, your first dance, or even when you cut your cake? Most importantly, will your guests remember your Wedding as an amazing and special day?

More than just playing music, a Premier Sound DJ helps to coordinate the entire event from start to finish. They provide MC and announcement services. They use professional sound and lighting equipment. And with years of experience, an attention to detail, and professional equipment, they can transform it from ordinary, to extraordinary.

Instead of looking at it as just another expense, consider the importance of your Wedding day. Can you afford not to put the investment into it that it deserves? We invite you to compare our services to other DJs in the Kansas City area. We are confident you'll see why so many brides have chosen Premier Sound.

Mike Westerman
Premier Sound
(816) 200-1492

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