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Wedding Photography Trending

Like any competitive industry Wedding photography is an evolving industry. It requires artistic talent, vision, and technical expertise and so it's not surprising that in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of the game new trends are always evolving.

When I first started out wedding photography was almost always limited to stiff groups, with little coverage of the story, the emotion, the romance, and the events of the wedding day. Couples didn't want the photography their parents had been happy with and they loved my gritty black and white press photography and huge color fine art prints I'd been taught to do by the paparazzi old hands I'd been working with.

So what trends in wedding photography should you as a bride or groom look out for in 2011?

Mix of Video and Stills: We use the best digital camera gear available and we will be taking delivery of a camera next month that will not only be able to take stills but also progressive HD video. Look out for photographers that can offer a mix of stills and video. I think there is a real opportunity for wedding photographers to offer something very creative here, and we will see this emerge this year.

Photo Booths: These are great fun particularly at large events. Put on some bling, a wig, a boa, and some huge yellow glasses and pile in to the booth with all of your friends. Sometimes we print photos on the night for guests to take away. The new trend here is to photograph the guests in the booth in front of a green screen and add a crazy background. We have currently a Venice backdrop complete with gondolas, the moon, Hawaiian beach scene, and a dinosaurs in a forest theme which was very popular last year.

Pre Wedding photo shoots: These are nothing new but they are becoming increasingly popular as photographers add value by including them in their higher end packages. They are well worth taking advantage of as you and your photographer can get to know each other before the wedding day, and you'll also get some great informal photographs. Polaroid Prints: Polaroid cameras have been around for many years but it is still possible to pick up a Polaroid camera and film cheaply. I've noticed in the last year a surge in popularity in instant prints for guests to sign and add comments to for inclusion in books.

Fine art Wall prints: Choose one of your favorite photographs from the day and have it printed big - very big, on a sheet of aluminum plastic laminate and hang it in your modern home. We did lots of these last year and I think they'll be bigger and better in 2011.

Pap the Proposal: Well organized grooms have been loving this lately and I'm sure it will be popular in 2011. You tell us where and when you plan to 'pop the question' and we'll paparazzi you and your new fianc As soon as she says 'YES' It all happens in under a minute; three or four photographers lots of flashes, all done. You both have a fantastic record of the moment and we're away as quickly as we arrived.

Trash the Dress and Cherish the Dress. This as far as I can tell originated in the US and it is an opportunity for brides and grooms to use the dress again after the wedding for more imaginative photographic purposes. I've written more about this in my blog. This is not necessarily a trend but it is becoming more popular.

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