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Make Your Out Of Town Guests Feel At Home

By Nily Glaser

You invited out of town guests to your wedding and, they are coming.

Many brides and grooms often ask: "How can we welcome our out of town guests and make them feel at home while we are so overwhelmed with last minute details?" Obviously you are important to your out of town guests or they would not have made travel arrangements and gone into the expense just to be at your wedding. They want to be with you and share this happiest day of your life. The also understand that you may be pre-occupied and don't really expect to be catered to. But you feel funny. While you know that taking care of last minutes details may prevent you from being able to devote time to them and welcome them properly, you want them to feel welcome and at home. 

There are a few things you should do that will convey to your out of town guests that you care.

To welcome them take care of their immediate necessities.

  1. Contact a car rental agency at the airport and pre-arrange a rental car for your out of town guests. If you reserve enough cars, your guests will enjoy a discount.
  2. Arrange a block of rooms at the hotel of your choice so that your guests will be welcomed and get a room discount.
  3. Arrange with the hotel to deliver special gift baskets or gift bags from you after your guests settled down in their room.
  4. Call the hotel to check out if your guests arrived safely and are settled down in their rooms.
  5. Remind the hotel management to deliver your gift baskets or bags to your guests.
  6. Call each to welcome them, wish them an enjoyable stay and to tell them that you are glad they came and are looking forward to seeing them at your wedding.

Actually the gift baskets or gift bags are not a necessity but they convey your thanks and will welcome your guests with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Yes, I can hear you ask: "So, what do we put in these baskets or bags to make our guests feel really special?" You know your guests. Think of them as individuals and try to find something that will personalize your gift to this person. It does not have to be expensive. It does have to be expressive. Do any of your guests:

Enjoys gardening? Put a packet of seeds in each of their gift baskets or gift bags.

Collects stamps? Pick up a set of Pictorial Stamps at the post office for their gift baskets or gift bags.

Play Chess, Checkers or Backgammon? Give them each a small magnetic Chess, Checkers, Backgammon or a combination set.

You got the idea. Just put on your thinking cap on and you'll do just fine.

Here again tailor your gift to the recipient with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, special candy, fruit, cookies or nuts, etc... Next put in some niceties for them to pamper themselves. Special soaps, sponges, and lotions.

And in case they forgot to pack, comb and brush sets, tooth brushes, tooth paste, a pen, etc...

Now put a few maps and directories in the gift baskets or gift bags. An area map or area maps with points of interest where your guests may enjoy themselves before or after your wedding. A map and direction to your wedding ceremony and to the reception. Etc... I left the most important elements of any wedding guest's gift basket or gift bag for last. Your Thank You message and a few Personalized gifts as specific mementos of your wedding.

I will include only a short list of ideas because only when you implement your own ideas will the gift be truly from you.

Some ideas for Personalized wedding gifts. Your names and wedding day on:

  • a Tee shirt
  • a refrigerator magnet
  • a towel,
  • a framed poem
  • a personalized candle
  • a sun catcher
  • a coffee mug
  • a pen
  • a tote bag

and the list goes on. Wishing you a wonderful one-of-a-kind wedding full of memories and keepsakes.

Wishing your guests a memorable enjoyable visit.

Copyrights Nily Glaser a-wedding Day.com 2001

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