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So What Is A Re-Marrying Bride To Do?

by Nily Glaser


You are engaged to be married. 

You are at the door steps of the most exciting time in your life.

Enjoy it! 

You have a lot to do preparing for your big day. Though there are many details to attend to, don't stress out! Instead, concentrate on your dream wedding and visit A-wedding Day for a comprehensive directory, wedding gifts, bridal accessories and supplies, information, wedding tips, ideas, crafts, recipes and more!

You have been married before you may even have children and you wonder what is the appropriate re-marrying or December bride's attire.

  • Should you were a wedding gown?
  • Should you wear a wedding dress?
  • Should you wear white?

These are important considerations but are less complicated than they used to be.

Today there is no dictate in fashion. You can follow your heart and base your decision on what you want and whatever your choice, IT WILL BE APPROPRIATE.

If you want a wedding gown, go for it. You'll have to choose whether you want a fairy tale or a more elegant and less frilly gown. Your choice will be proper for a 21st century wedding.

Many re-marrying and December brides opt for the more subdued WEDDING DRESS. 

The most important aspect of your attire consideration should be for what you love and what looks best on you. You have a wide range of choices. You know yourself and you know how you want to represent yourself at your wedding. Choose flattering wedding attire that will make you look the best, flaunting your assets and hiding your flaws. Remember that you are going to be the center of attention at your wedding, and that the photographs and videos will be looked at. But most importantly, you want your husband to be to fall in love all over at the sight of you at the wedding. So, you wonder. What is the range of fashion designs from which to choose?

Depending on your age, build and taste and of course what you look best in, decide whether your wedding dress should be sleek, glamorous, simple yet elegant, sophisticated, classic, old-fashioned, luxurious, modern or a combination.

The next choice should be your color preference. White is fine! Today, the color white represents joy. But you may opt for a color that is more "you". Choose a color that is not only a favorite but that emphasizes your beauty.

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