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A Timeshare For My Wedding

Article by Jesse McMahon

Increasing Popularity

The rise in popularity of destination weddings can be attributed to several developments in the travel destination industry. The success of certain vacation locales, and the resorts that invested in them, has resulted in the decline in holiday costs. Destination weddings are no longer for the rich and famous. They are a growing fad that is available for all couples.

What to Consider

When I tell people a dream wedding is easily attainable, they usually react in disbelief. A wedding is an incredibly special day and no expense should be spared. With careful planning and insightful preparation, you and your family can be witnessing the ceremony from a beach on Maui. Remember, this is your wedding, not just any old vacation. This is a holy day of love and commitment, nothing to be taken lightly. With the issue of cost out of the way, there is nothing holding you back.


The key to making your dream ceremony a reality is a timeshare. Why is that? A timeshare resale allows you to save an average of 60% off of resort prices. The vacation real estate market has experienced interesting fluctuations over the past decade, and special conditions may apply when considering a timeshare purchase. The travel industry has seen a marked increase in people taking extended trips. The result of this amplified willingness to spend time in certain locales all over the world has created specific vacation destinations.

Vacation destinations are, simply, popular places to spend a vacation. These places such as Bermuda, Cape Cod, Jamaica, Hilton Head, Aruba, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and others make a substantial amount of their livelihoods from the vacation industry. For example Napa Valley is widely considered one of the top wine regions in California and contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy every year. Yet Napa Valley remains a very low cost vacation destination. Regions such as this specialize in accommodating travelers. One of the characteristics of vacation destinations are timeshare resorts.

Timeshare Resorts

The commonality of timeshares in vacation destinations has, over time, lowered the expenses involved in traveling, even with a large group. Now there are timeshare resorts in all parts of the world: the Mediterranean, Costa Rica, Indonesia, British Columbia, Japan and of course here in the United States. Renting in many places around the country is cost-efficient because airfare is so much less than traveling abroad, plus you can bypass the passport process. The affluence of these quality accommodations allows the vacationer to pick where they want to go first, and then plan the rest. This is true. The timeshare resale market has so many properties at such discounted prices that you can literally afford to go anywhere you want and bring the wedding entourage with you. Timeshare rentals, especially, require a lower cost than actually purchasing property. A rental allows you to “try it before you buy it.” In other words, a rental gives you a chance to try the timeshare experience and if it is only a one-time thing then you are not locked into any commitment. The advantage to owning property is that you can purchase a specific week for your wedding and come back year after year to celebrate your anniversary. Furthermore, most of the resorts have function halls and catering services to fully accommodate the ceremony or celebration. So if this is so easy and inexpensive, why isn’t anyone doing it? Well, truth be told, they are. So much so that there are even resorts and destinations that are specifically marketed towards holding weddings and honeymoons. Also, this is still a relatively new concept and many people just don’t know about timeshares yet. So pick a spot, any place you want, and get married under a palm tree, or next to a crystal clear lake, or on top of a lush mountain.

Article Copyright © Jesse McMahon, All Rights Reserved 2007

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