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Cake Decorating Ideas

  1. The cake itself may be anything from chocolate to vanilla, banana to carrot.
  2. Fillings of fresh fruit, mousse, fruit curd or custard are customary. Filling options include fudge, strawberry, lemon, apricot, raspberry, cherry, pineapple and Bavarian cream.
  3. Frostings include chocolate, fondant, butter cream or whipped cream and are tinted, often matching the wedding color scheme. The cake is topped off, literally, with a number of different icing types.
  4. Decorations may include fresh flowers and fruits and may involve edible extras of pulled or blown sugar, modeling chocolate or marzipan.
  5. Cake tiers are each of different flavor. Selecting from additional cake flavors, fillings and frostings has created another trend - cake tastings.

Most wedding cake bakers invite the bride and groom in to view numerous cake decorating ideas before making their decision. A great cake decorating idea is to order a wedding cake to match the color scheme of a wedding. You can also give the baker a snapshot or piece of fabric from your dress and ask that he/she work it into the wedding cake design. A good idea would be to acknowledge your roots, for example you could honor French tradition with a croquembouche cake or celebrate Italian-style with a tiered white cake and knotted cookies.

Another popular cake decorating idea is fresh flowers. Flowers are always a very trendy choice. In addition, fresh flowers are a less expensive alternative than confectionery flowers. You can use edible flowers such as organic nasturtiums (bitter-sweet taste), roses (mild, sweet tasting), lavender (perfume tasting), chicory (spicy, bitter tasting), oregano (spicy tasting), or pansy (semi-sweet tasting) from a local gourmet grocer. It's best to pick the flowers the day of the wedding. If that's not possible, store them (except for chicory) on a plate with some water in your fridge. You can also use non-edible organic flowers for a wedding cake design. Make a small bouquet and use as a cake topper, sprinkle petals, cascading down tiers, or place flowers around the base of the cake.

Choose your flowers for the wedding cake carefully. Roses can wilt very quickly when they are not placed in water. The cake is set up and arranged sometimes an hour or more before your guests will arrive. By the time you cut your cake these flowers may not look as beautiful as when they were first arranged on the cake. Consult with both your baker and your florist for the best choice of flowers.

The tiers of your wedding cake design can be arranged in a variety of styles including three or more tiers, one on top of each other or set on solid or even transparent pillars - breathtaking cake decorating idea!

Most cake decorating ideas enable you to create a cake that is gorgeous enough to stand in the center of the room and do not require any decoration, but who can resist a delicious raspberry sauce, fruit sorbet, or chocolate covered strawberries? A nice touch is to place chocolate covered strawberries or sugared rose petals around the base of the cake.

Your wedding cake design should be as distinctive as you are. Choose your baker carefully - because your wedding should taste as good as it looks!

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