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Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake Trends in General

Everything evolves and just like wedding themselves, all of their aspects change. Old trends are replaced by new ones that are often influenced by new developments in the wedding industry, from Martha Stewart, bridal magazines and TV food shows to the sophistication and Personal inspiration of brides and grooms.

The newest and most welcomed development is that today wedding planning is not merely the responsibility of the bride and her family. Today, most grooms actively participate in planning the wedding with their brides and are making creative choices as well. The majority, loves it!

Today, brides and grooms want to make a statement to represent their uniqueness and how special they are. When either or one has children, theirs is a family wedding and the kids become an integral part. This brings us to another important wedding trend. The bride and groom incorporate their personal style making it the focal point at their wedding reception. To achieve this, they coordinate everything to the wedding colors, wedding themes, and flowers. For a family wedding, the kids are not only included, but when age and ability appropriate, participate in the decision-making and the actual ceremony and reception.

As part of who they are, it is becoming quite common for brides and grooms to get sentimental and either copy or use the actual wedding gown, cake top and other wedding related family heirlooms their grandparents or parents used at their weddings.

According to couples we interviewed, shopping on the Internet is definitely the most profound wedding trend of the 21st Century. Most went googling to find exactly what they want, often finding unique items they did not know were available. The general concensus was that they do not know how they would have planned or pulled their wedding together, without the Internet.

Brides and grooms, as well as those looking for wedding gifts and bridal accessories for them, use it and find it easy, convenient and safe. Quite a few interviewees said that they actually count on the Internet because they are just too busy. Brides and grooms actually enjoy getting together, sitting in front of the screen, to read articles to get ideas and choose what they want.

Once decided, they found purchasing on line not only saves them money, travel, running from store to store and standing in lines, but their orders are delivered directly to their homes or work. The majority said that they love it!

Personalization - a definite trend in wedding cakes

21st Century brides and grooms want the wedding cake to be as individual as they are.

There used to be a time when brides chose a cake from the catalog the baker gave them, or brought a picture from a magazine. Today brides as well as grooms, realize how special they are and do not want a replica of a pictured cake. Aware that the wedding cake is the centerpiece of their reception, they want to have their cake individually designed to their own personal style and taste, both taste in design and taste in flavor. So they put on their thinking caps and are coming in with their own ideas, usually coordinating their cake design, the frosting design, the decorations and the cake topper, with the wedding color scheme, wedding theme, bridal attire, flowers, wedding accessories, reception hall decor, and if they have children, the family.

Having provide the bakers with details to adhere to, they expect the result to be a totally unique and PERSONALIZED cake.

The Shape

Gone are the over-embellished cakes. Today brides and grooms want to express themselves with wedding cakes to look luxurious, classy and elegant, coordinate well with the wedding motifs and taste scrumptiously good.

Though round tiers are still the favorite, tiers shaped as square, octagon, and hexagon are gaining popularity, as do tiers of different shapes stacked together. For example, round tiers on square or hexagon tiers. Once assemble the shape(s) and color(s) chosen should produce a simple yet luxurious, classy and elegant look.

The Structure

The trend in cake structure offer a few choices all leave plenty of room for personalization and creativity.

A 21st Century traditional wedding cake is usually assembled of 3 to 5 tiers stacked upon each other without a separation such as the once popular Greek columns. A variation is a wedding cake ensemble that displays each layer individually rather than stacked. connected by a motif.

A relatively new comer is the drum. This is a popular technique that brides and groom appreciate. Basically, bakers add a layer looking Styrofoam insert that adds height and volume to the cake without the expense of a cake layer. The inserts provide a perfect place to tuck in charms for the charm pull, flowers or cake jewelry should the couple want to utilize it in this manner.

An ever-growing number of marrying couples are choosing alternatives to the traditional wedding cake save one tier for the bride and groom to slice and feed each other and for wedding photos.

With the costs of weddings in general and the rise in wedding cakes relating fees, a few new trends have become quite popular. Brides and grooms, especially if they have to stay within a specified budget are looking for ways to save money. So, what used to be a creative alternative by some became a trend.

The trend concentrates on options that eliminate the cutting and serving fees usually charged by caterers.

Other benefits that were realized, are that they can also shave off the centerpiece expense and serve as dessert.

Following are two options that are favored.

  • An individual single layer wedding cake for each table to makes a spectacular and edible centerpiece. For additional fun, guests are invited to cut and serve the guests seated at their table.
  • A cupcake wedding cake actually, cupcake tower as a wedding cake is a well-liked trend. Most couples top their cupcake tower with a cake tier for the bride and groom. Quite a few brides and grooms we interviewed, planned to place a mini cup cake tower on each table as a dessert and centerpiece in one.
  • We even came across brides and grooms who chose Golden donuts because donuts look like wedding bands.

There are a few reasons the single layer centerpiece. the cupcake or mini-cupcakes and even the donuts wedding cakes to some extent, are becoming very popular.

  • They are real money savers.
  • They do not require special skills and can be home-baked way ahead of time and frozen.
  • They can be lavishly decorated and makes a wonderful edible centerpiece to be enjoyed by all.
  • They can have different flavors, various delicious fillings, different though coordinating colors and fancy decorations.
  • Busy brides and grooms can place an order with a supermarket that offers a bakery, or shopping clubs such as Costco and Sams Club where they are very reasonably priced.
  • They eliminate all slicing and serving costs.
  • They allow, actually invite creativity.
  • A common denominator we encountered was couples who utilized different colors and - or themes for their centerpiece cakes to distinguish the different tables. matching the place settings and place cards. For example The RED ROSE table - card: Mr. and Mrs. Smith the RED TABLE. Or The PINK ROSE table - card: Mr. and Mrs. Jones the PINK TABLE. Whether sophisticated, whimsical or anywhere in between, Cupcake and mini cake centerpieces are unique and gaining popularity fast.

The Icing on the Cake

Though butter cream, and cream cheese frostings are still in demand, the current trend in cake frosting is Rolled fondant or the less expensive faux-fondant with its smooth porcelain look, is the most popular frosting currently put on wedding cakes.

It was not quite as popular until bakers started to enrich it with flavor and color. Now, that bakers can match wedding colors, motifs, duplicate intricate details and create silhouettes to complement wedding themes, Rolled has become a real favorite.

The popularity of the fondant type frosting is that it is very luxurious and elegant in its smooth, porcelain like look. It encourages creativity. Bakers can match wedding colors, motifs, duplicate intricate details and create silhouettes to complement wedding theme and embellish with scrollwork.

The Flavors

When I got married, the weding cake was either vanilla, chocolate or a marble of the two. Today there are tens of flavors for the bride and groom to choose from. Many tend to choose a different flavor for each tier, cake, or a certain number of cupcakes to represent their individual favorite cake flavors. Some add different filling for each cake flavor as well as frostings of different flavors.

The Decorations

Personalization is paramount. Brides and grooms use their freedom of expression throughout the wedding and the cake is no exception. The latest trend is to s

The Wedding Cake Companions - recent trend.

Two 21st trends one a historical custom renewed and the other brand new are the Grooms cake and the Children Family wedding cake.

The Groom Cake is a concept that was unfamiliar, when I got married 42 years ago but was familiar earlier in history. It has made a comeback and is occupying center stage. placed on the same table with the wedding cake. Though Chocolate on chocolate remains the favorites for the Single-layer rectangle Groom Cake, many brides like to choose a cake flavor and design that will make him happy. Thus, it is decorated to represent his unique personality, hobbies and interests. Some wedding cake bakers add a Groom Cake as a part of their package. Otherwise, ordering it in a Supermarket, or a shopping clubs that have bakeries that decorate cakes, is money saving tactic used by many.

The Children Family wedding cake, is a rather new concept that evolved quite recently, as more and more Blending Family Weddings that include children began to take place.

Celebrating their blending family, many couples use a Family Cake topper to celebrate their creating a new, extended, blended family. Their cake table also includes a cake celebrating the kids.

We have come across a few variations of the cake.

A Single-layer rectangle, Frosted with the color chosen (voted for?) by the kids and decorated with their various, hobbies and interests, topped with a Family Cake Topper currently available with a bride a groom and a boy, a bride a groom and a girl or a silhouette style a bride a groom and two children.

A cupcake tower is very popular with the kids too. Each layer of cupcakes can be devoted to a single child, So if for example Ben likes blue and plays soccer, his layer of cupcakes can be decorated accordingly, while the layer devoted to Susie who loves anything lavender and who wants to be a teacher can be decorated accordingly.

Traditionally, the oldest child gets the bottom layer and the youngest the layer closer to the top.urround the center layer with a ribbon personalized with the bride and groom's first names and wedding date. Though the cake is consumed, the ribbon becomes a wedding keepsake.

Wedding theme and seasons are dominant throughout the wedding and the cake as well.

Cutouts silhouettes in any color to accent the wedding theme adorn many wedding cakes.

Fall theme wedding cakes take on a look of their own when embellished with colorful autumn leaves, mini pumpkins and marzipan fruit and acorns.

Winter theme cakes look gorgeous embellished with snowflakes or dressed up as holiday gifts.

Flowers and floral petals that match the wedding theme and colors whether Fresh, silk, satin or confection, have always been and are still a popular adornment for wedding cakes. Another trend is the dramatic effect of Flowers going from bold color to pastel as they cascade to the top, with the bottom tier bold and the top tier in pastel. For example go from dark red to pink flowers or from dark purple to pale lavender flowers.

Simple decorations such as the look of pearls, curving scrollwork, and family initials are in demand. The trend of incorporating two or more shades of the same color within frosting is also getting noticed.

The Cake Tops

Wedding Cake Trends: Unique Cake Top

The cake tops is the crown of the wedding cake. It is a keepsake that should also make the wedding cake a conversation piece.

Personalization is the current trend. Cake toppers are often chosen because they either reflect the lifestyle or hobbies the bride and groom share together, coordinate with the wedding theme, emphasize the wedding flowers or display their initials.

Although the well-known plastic bride and groom cake tops are still around, today the trend is to incorporate a unique, personalized or theme top on the wedding cake. One of the hottest cake top trends is individual initials or a monogram created with stunning Cake Jewelry.

Flowers offer a way to tie together the colors and floral scheme of the ceremony and reception and are very pleasing to the eye. Therefore, flower and ribbon cake tops have never died out and though they are not a trend, they are quite popular.

For family weddings, family cake tops that represent a bride, a groom and children are in very high demand.


Set and adhere to your wedding cake budget.

  • Visit with at least 3 wedding cake chefs, leaving room for negotiations.
  • Check out their portfolios and taste samples of their cakes.
  • Be sure to get everything in a written contract that does not leave room for price changes.
  • Even if you are on a strict budget, your less inexpensive cake should taste just as good as an expensive one because it is not the taste but the size and decorations that are costly.

Whether you are a trendsetter or follow the current trends, I hope you gained some insight from this article. Copyrights © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser, A-wedding Day and Gan Publishing

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