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Wedding Instructions for Make-up + Contact Lenses

This article discusses the common problem contact lens wearers face when managing their lenses while applying make up. Eye infections and damaged lenses are frequent incidents that could happen on any day, and your wedding day is no exception. Since it is in our interest to keep your wedding day perfect, here are a couple of eye care tips to add to your list.

Assuming you wear contact lenses on a daily basis and will do so on your wedding day, there are some special rules you will have to follow. Just in case the stress and million other things you have to think about clouds your memory, here is a quick reminder.

Do not sleep with your contacts. Unless you are wearing daily disposables, contact lenses need to re-moisturize in special lens solution every day. If you forget to place them in the solution, the contacts will dry up overnight, which means that they could stick to the cornea, and inevitably cause damage to eye.

Do not let anyone else wear your contacts. This may seem a bit unnecessary to stress, but it is actually the most common cause for eye infections.

When removing the contact lenses at night, remember to keep them in the special contact lens container, submerged in the solution. Never use water or any other alternative liquid.

If you have never worn contacts, you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, who will give you a prescription. The optician will instruct you thoroughly on how to insert, remove and take care of them. Schedule these appointments well in advance to make sure you will be able to handle them in the right way before the big day. It can take one or two months for your eyes to get used to contacts.

Applying make-up can easily become a cause for eye discomfort. Make sure to insert your contact lenses before applying make up. If someone else is fixing you up, ask them to be careful when applying eye liner and eye shadow. Contact lenses are extremely sensitive and may not only be damaged if cosmetic chemicals enter the eye, they may also cause damage to the eye itself.

Try to avoid any contact between the lens and the make up: close your eyes when applying blusher or other powder products. If the make up sticks to the lenses, they could be damage or causing irritation. The same rule applies when using hair spray or fragrances. It would not be nice to go to the altar with red eyes

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