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Don’t let this happen at your wedding reception!

"Guests are amazed at Gene’s ability to take a watch from one person and transfer it to another person’s wrist without either one knowing."

You have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars planning your big day. You have picked the perfect dress, the most beautiful flowers, and the best photographer in town. You have planned every detail of your dream wedding. But all too often, your guests are left waiting, and waiting… and waiting for you and your wedding party to arrive at the reception. Sadly, some may even leave before the party gets started.

But this doesn’t have to happen at your wedding! Gene Turner and Jim Lysaght can turn your big day into a day people will talk about for years to come. One DJ commented: “I have been a DJ for over six years and have seen Gene and Jim in action as Ambassadors of Hospitality at many of my events. Never have I seen guests leaving due to boredom when Gene and Jim are there.” Gene and Jim move smoothly throughout the reception. Mingling with your guests, they perform sleight-of-hand and family-friendly up-close magic. They keep your guests laughing and entertained until YOU, the main attraction, arrive.

Guests are amazed at Gene’s ability to take a watch from one person and transfer it to another person’s wrist without either one knowing. It’s a new experience for most participants to have magic performed so close they can touch it. Jim’s strong suit is his quick wit and ability to think on his feet. He engages people in lively conversation and illusion, all with a wedding theme. Gene and Jim both have outgoing personalities and engaging manners that will encourage your wedding guests to relax and enjoy themselves at your reception with many added memories of your special day. Jim is also willing to entertain the children with their own special magic show.

As Ambassadors of Hospitality, Jim and/or Gene can also assume some of the hosting responsibilities for the event. That frees you to socialize with your guests. They greet and entertain the guests as they arrive, setting the mood for a fun reception or rehearsal dinner. They will provide Up-close magic for the social time, buffet lines or sit down dinners and perform a special magical illusion featuring the event stars – the Bride and Groom!

Call today to find out more on how to turn your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner into a “magical” event.

Gene Turner · Office: (816) 525-8718 · Web site: www.pickpocket.com · E-mail: gene@pickpocket.com

Jim Lysaght · Office: (816) 525-7607 · Web site: www.enterman.com · E-mail: jlysaght@enterman.com

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