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Your Wedding Cake!

Article provided by: Pam & Tara, Cakes by My Mom and Me

Next to a beautiful bride, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception! Here is a list of considerations when choosing your cake:

  • Design – Your cake should wow your guests! Bring pictures of cakes that you like to your consult so that your designer can create a one-of-a-kind design just for you!
  • Taste – Your cake should taste as yummy as it looks… that’s what your guests will remember! If you are close to your guest servings with the number of cake servings, don’t go crazy with a lot of different flavors… guests at the front of the line may choose more than one flavor, leaving those at the end of the line with no cake.
  • Price – Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes. Find out what the average per-slice price is in your area. Most bakeries will have a price list on-line.
  • Bakery Reputation – Are they friendly, flexible, on-time?

Ask questions

  • How far in advance of my date will you bake/decorate?
  • Is there a contract? How/when is payment to be made?
  • Is your kitchen state approved?

Things to think about at your reception venue

  • Be sure that the cake table is it placed well with a nice background for pictures. If you have a groom’s cake, where will it be placed?
  • Have you arranged to elevate the cake either with a sturdy box under some beautiful material or with a rented stand?
  • Do you have your serving pieces and cake topper. Be sure to tell your baker if your topper is heavy so an additional plate can be put on top to hold it.
  • If using real flowers on the cake, who will place them, your florist or cake decorator?
  • Who will cut the cake? If your caterer will be cutting, you’re all set, they know how to get the correct number of servings out of each layer. A trusted family member or friend can do it if given the correct instructions.
  • Lastly, order early to secure your date! Most bakers book from a year to 6 months in advance of wedding dates. And, ordering early eases the planning pressures of those last few months before your date!

Enjoy your special day!

Article provided by: Pam & Tara, Cakes by My Mom and Me

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