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Kansas City Wedding, Reception & Ceremony Venues
Serving Greater Kansas City

Kansas City rides the state line between the states of Kansas and Missouri. If you are planning a wedding in the greater Kansas City area, there are many wonderful wedding venues and reception sites around the Grater Kansas city area. From an upscale bubbly champagne event site, to a more down to earth outdoor wedding venue, Kansas City's Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style website gives many reception and venue options for everyone. Whether your budget is a bit smaller, or the blue sky is the limit, you can find the most beautiful Kansas City wedding venues and reception sites here that will allow you to have the wedding day of your dreams and give your guests something that they will always remember.

Below are some of the best wedding venues and reception sites in Kansas City. When selecting a Kansas City wedding venue, take time to do your research. You can use our perfect planning guide feature to do a top to bottom comparison of the available options for wedding venues in Missouri.

Don't forget to check out our Wedding Photographers in Kansas City along with your favorite Cake, Dj, Catering and Ceremony Professionals as well.
Choosing your Kansas City Wedding Day Venues/Reception site is the Key

Wedding venues and reception sites can dictate a lot about your wedding plans so make sure you know what you want and understand what you don't want before you pick a wedding venue / reception location. You don't have to be Kim Kardashian to have an over-the-top wedding venue, but hopefully before you spend millions to get married...

How to Choose the Perfect Kansas City Wedding Location

Location, location, location… As always location is of utmost importance and when it comes to your wedding day this sis no different. Ultimately you should follow your heart and choose a place that best reflects your tastes as a couple. Find on a place you and your friends and relatives can relax in and your wedding is sure to be a wonderful day.

Kansas City Wedding Venues and Reception sites - 42 Questions to ask the Wedding Reception Site Manager

When reviewing wedding reception sites, it helps to come equipped with the questions you need answered before making your decision. Here is what you will need to find out from your reception site manager. First and foremost? You will need to determine the cost of holding your wedding reception at the site. Sounds like a given, right?

More Kansas City Wedding Venue & Reception Resources:

A Wedding Ceremony or Reception at one of these Most Trusted Kansas City Reception sites or Venues will make your Wedding day one to remember. Weddings only come once in a lifetime! Remember that choosing a Kansas City wedding vendor from Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style will always be your best choice.